Nana, BKK.

An afternoon spent with some of the lady boy’s of Bangkok’s infamous area, Nana.




Bangkok, Thailand.

I’m in Bangkok. Land of the hustle and bustle with busy streets teaming with food stalls and people. It’s humid and hot but it’s wonderful. The people are so kind and friendly and extremely tolerant of the clueless tourists. I’m here on a Jack Picone photography workshop and I am learning so much. Everyday I get home exhausted but it’s well worth it. I recommend Bangkok to anyone. Asia really is the place to be.

© jack picone. a trip to the giant buddha.

© jack picone. a trip to the giant buddha.

chinese drama rehearsal in BKK

chinese drama rehearsal in BKK


I’m in Melbourne and I’ve never been here in summer and may I just say that it is glorious. It is so much better than being here in winter. But I don’t like being in cold weather anywhere.

So, the main reason I am down here is that I am working on the Lola Berry photo shoot. I am the sole photographer for the book that she is releasing which is very very exciting or should I say berry exciting! baha. That wasn’t even funny, actually. I guess it’s because I love dad jokes. But anyway, here are a few snippets from the shoot and things around Melbourne.






Si Se Peude




because i miss mexico, everyday.


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