slums of bangkok – part 2.



Writing again.

I haven’t felt like writing lately which is strange because I used to write all the time. Maybe it’s because photography has taken over as my primary mode of creative release? Well, whatever the reason, here I am now – writing.

Last year was an interesting year for me; eventful, heartbreaking, full of joy and exploration. I met new friends, I moved away from Hawaii and I discovered my calling (photography) in the French, sunny southern town of Perpignan (Merci Beaucoup!)

However, this year, so far, has been a year of revelations. A year of growth, education, exchange and enlightenment. A year of building the self and in turn affecting the world in a positive way. I know this year has only started but 2010 is the year that good things happen. I really do believe that. I have already met some really amazing people and been involved in some pretty outstanding and positive things.

I am trying to let go of the fact that I cannot control everything that happens in my life and that sometimes you get the good with the bad. That’s granted. I do, however, believe in trusting myself more. Trusting that I know what is best for me, that sometimes I might make mistakes but I also learn from them, trusting my friends and my family, trusting in the fact that if I work hard enough, I can achieve it. And trusting my intuition.

Sometimes I find that the world overwhelms me. As beautiful and enlightening it can sometimes be, it can also be a very sad and devastating world where people don’t get along. I see a lot of heartbreak everyday amongst human and non- human life forms alike. There is a lot of loneliness and regret and sometimes it makes me really afraid and really depressed. But I am a big believer in having the ability to effect the world around you and because I am one of the biggest advocators for this little thing called love – that is how I am going to treat everyone that I meet, with love.

I love you.


Bangkok slums.





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