Sometimes really funny things happen when you are out shooting. Generally, in my life, strange and absurd things happen to me all the time, yet I manage to come out unscathed (touch wood) which is a positive. But a very funny thing happened when I was doing a shoot with my beautiful and wonderful friends Danny and Matt Neilsen. It was the last shoot of the day and I had gotten the boys to jump in the water, in their boardies to do a quick ocean shoot. I was wearing a long dress which is not adequate beach attire and while I was shooting, I got really wet so I decided that I would go for a swim, at the end of the shoot, in my dress (for lack of swimsuit) So, I jumped in, looking like a missionary . I was swimming with Danny and it was all fun and games until, in the corner of my eye, I see an out of control wind surfer heading straight for me. Ahhh yes, naturally. I managed to duck under the water (although my dress acted much like a floatation device) and the kite surfer clipped me on the head, the strap had tangled itself and was in my face which I got off and emerged like a drowned rat to be greeted with a horrified and apologetic wind surfer.

HAHAHA such is my life.

But, the photos came out well and no one was hurt, so it was still a successful day 🙂

i love, hearts.

This is my friend, Kersha. She is beautiful and amazing and we decided to do a photo shoot out in Currumbin Valley. It was almost a mini adventure photography day with creek walking, grass laying, spider webs, barbed wire fences and other peoples farms. I think everything came out really well though. We laughed a lot today and shared our stories with each other and mother nature let us share in hers by giving us the most beautiful backyard anyone could ask for.

everything is illuminated.

there was you and the light and the way it illuminated the soul.

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