In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me lay an invincible summer – Albert Camus.

bali continued…


Marcelle’s Birfday.

To Marcelle,

Happy 30th birthday lady x

Love Melanie

Summer’s a come’n.

I can feel it. Summer. It’s on it’s way. I think it’s almost here. The air is warmer, the nights are sweeter, the days are longer.

Everyone loves summer for one reason or another. I love it for these reasons:


Long days in the sea

stand up paddling with my bf

strappy dresses

old leather sandals

all day beach going with my friends

sun kissed skin

the summer glow

photos running through fields, at the beach, under the sea, basking in the sun…

road trips with the windows down


afternoon sessions

warm salty kisses

island life

icecream <3


mangoes, pineapples, guavas, lychees, papaya’s

bbq’s in the park

the joy – the complete and utter happiness of warm skin under a summer sky.

Summer, there is a very warm welcome awaiting your arrival. We’ve missed you.

Welcome home; my honey scented summertime.


It’s not often I put other people’s photos on here, I’m not sure if I ever have, but Jonas Peterson is an amazing photographer and he deserves a SHOUT OUT!!!  – He takes wedding photography to the next level. The end.

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