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This was a fun shoot, a fashion piece I shot for my friend Ali and a magazine in Brisbane. I love that I get to learn more and more about photography every single day and with every new shoot. Everyone that worked on the shoot was awesome and the models were really great. The photos can be seen in the Frock Paper Scissors magazine.


I never thought I was into shooting weddings. Afraid of falling into the cheesy wedding photographer title or worse yet, actually taking cheesy wedding photographs. However, the more weddings I shoot, the more I understand that that doesn’t have to be the case, at all. Shooting weddings is actually a really spiritual and emotional process for me. Not only am I capturing someone’s life changing day, I am also exposed to a flurry of love and family and friends and a connectedness that only a day like that can bring. I have also learned that you don’t have to be ‘the cheesy wedding photographer’ because my wedding photos aren’t cheesy and neither are quite a few wedding photographers I follow. However, I am not a wedding photographer really, I am a documentary photographer and on someone’s special wedding day, what I am doing, is actually documenting their day just like the stories that I record through my lens for my documentary work. So they are usually candid, emotive and diverse photographs.

But I feel very blessed to be a part of something purely built on love, on the need to be with someone for the rest of your life. To bear witness to someone’s wedding day, well that is always a very special thing.

hawaii, i’m answering.

One of my favourite authors.

“But I understand what they meant, and have spent a lifetime learning to believe in things that can never burn down. I can invest my heart’s desire and the work of my hands in things that will outlive me. Although it grieves me that houses are burning. I have fallen in love with a river that runs through a desert, a rain forest at the edge of night, the right of a species to persist in its own wild place, and the words i might assemble to tell their stories. I’ve fallen in love with freedom regardless, and the entitlement of a woman to get a move on, equipped with boots that fit and opinions that might matter. The treasures I carry closest to my heart are the things I can’t own: the curve of a five year old’s forehead in profile, and the vulnerable expectation in the hand that reaches for mine as we cross the street. The wake-up call of birds in a forest. The intensity of the light fifteen minutes before the end of the day; the colour wash of a sunset on mountains; the ripe sphere of the same sun hanging low in a dusty sky in a breathtaking photograph from Afghanistan. In my darkest times, I need to walk, sometimes alone in some green place. Other people must share this ritual. For some I suppose it must be the path through a particular set of city streets, a comforting architecture; for me it’s the need to stare at moving water until my mind comes to rest on nothing at all. ” – Barbara kingsolver.

“I have stories of things I believe in: a persistent river, a forest on the edge of night, the religion inside a seed, the startle of wingbeats when a spark of red life flies against all reason out of the darkness. One child, one bear. I’d like to speak of small wonders, and the possibility of taking heart.” – Barbara kingsolver

kat and davide get married <3

One of my best friends got married on saturday. Without sounding predictable, it was a perfect day. The weather was impeccable and everyone was in the mood to get married and enjoy a beautiful wedding. I am so happy for her and Davide and I am really honoured to have been a part of such a momentous occasion in their lives. Congratulations Kat, I love you.

“May you never lie, steal or cheat. But if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life and if you must steal, steal away my sorrows and if you must cheat then cheat death, because I could not live a day without you.”

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