seeking contentment.

Ying said something to me yesterday that really stuck, “In the modern world we are taught to believe that our wildest dreams are possible.” And she’s right. For those of us who are privileged enough to be able to travel, blog, own a computer, browse the internet, listen to music on an ipod and spend days frolicking with friends, we believe that anything is possible and that our dreams are only unattainable if we make them so. But what does this mean for us? Are we never going to be content with what we already have. Are we always going to be seeking adventure, always craving new spaces and different environments, will we be happy with one partner for the rest of our lives? Have we set ourselves up for a lifetime of discontent? A part of me thinks so. But how do we find the happy medium?

I guess we must learn how to admire without desire. To find adventure in everyday, wherever we are. I know that I will never be happy living the suburban Australian/American/developing world dream of owning your own home, having 2.3 children and spending the rest of my days baking cookies and feeding the kids. However, I think life needs to be about moderation. If we are always seeking something new, something better on the horizon; I think we might miss a lot of the journey along the way. I know that this has been my weakness; the flighty, nomad always on an adventure and never sitting still. But as I get older, I think I might be discovering ways of doing both. Being in love, seeing the world, carving a career and experiencing a lifetime of interesting experiences.

we were born here.

You can catch the wind,
You can catch the sea,
But you can’t, pretty mama,
Ever catch me.

You can tame a rabbit,
Even tame a bear,
But you’ll never, pretty mama,
Keep me caged up here. – Langston Hughes

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