“Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace.” – Paul Theroux.

photo: ying ang.

the dreaming

When you’re awake, you are dealing with an already built reality which means that the space for your brain to become creative isn’t as large as the subconscious mind of dreaming.

When you are asleep the mind has complete freedom to create anything that is possible. Often the mind borrows from the already built material world of the waking, but turns it into something much more intensely elaborate and individual. Because you switch off your consciousness, you are able to let go of the things that are learned. Although often these things will infiltrate your dreams; fear, insecurity, stress. But the unconscious mind has excellent ways in which to tackle these negative spaces. Flight, fight, will power, super-human powers. I often fly in my dreams to escape danger and I have now learned to stop myself from falling. Anything is possible and that’s what makes the world of sleep so powerful.

This is the way I dream. I often wake up in awe of the things I just imagined. However, sometimes I believe that my dreams are created in a larger dreaming world, an alternate state of reality that exists beyond anything tangible. Beyond the things that are fathomed daily. The things that cannot be explained.

I am mesmerised by the dreaming.

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