“We’ve all become pundits at pointing out the shortcomings and wrongdoings of ourselves and our fellow human beings (especially them.) We’re still treating each other as separate, still reacting to our differences, still treating Earth, host organism of our life, like it doesn’t matter what we do, still acting as if national boundaries are absolute rather than arbitrary agreements, still operating in fear mode, stockpiling weapons for power in the name of god or country.” -Dianne Collins

Today, is the 10 year anniversary of “9/11” and I remember exactly what I was doing on this day, ten years ago. I was at my ex boyfriends house and his mum woke us up and said “America is under attack.” I remember thinking back and asking myself, why were people way more shocked, a lot more up in arms and a lot sadder about something that happened to the US, compared to other places in the world?! Was it because the twin towers were so dramatic; the whole scene with people jumping to their deaths, the two planes full of people crashing into the buildings? Was that it? Or was it because it was the United States aka “Leader of the free world” was under attack? That wasn’t mean’t to happen to THEM?!!…. I don’t know the answer but I can only assume.

I understand that today is a very sad day for everyone who lost loved ones and even for those who didn’t. This day has become very symbolic for the United States and for the western world. It has become immortalised and glorified. There is a lot of propaganda that comes along with “9/11” and I understand that people need it to make themselves feel better. They need it to justify war. They need it to justify nationalism. It’s almost become a part of being, American.

Everyones lives changed because of that day. Travel is harder, people are more fearful and the word “terror” or “terrorism” has become the new ‘C’ word aka “communism.” Our world keeps swapping one word for another. Using one ideology against another to behave like idiots. The cold war has now become the war on ‘terror’. It’s just ironic that those nations who talk about terrorism as a threat are actually terrorists themselves. My friend, Jason P howe said it best, “Incredible to really contemplate just how much the world and all our lives and futures were changed forever by the events a decade ago and how many lives have been wasted or destroyed by the hatred, greed, lies and manipulation that has happened on all sides. And perhaps how few real lessons about the root causes of such awful events have been learned….”

But don’t get me wrong, It was a very sad day, watching people die who shouldn’t have. Watching a world change in front of a television screen. But today, “I will remember the 2,976 American civilians that lost their lives on 9/11 & the 48,644 Afghans & 1,690,903 Iraqis civilians that died for a crime they did not commit.” (Tony Puella)

If there’s one thing to be learned today, it is to love each other more.


little wandering heart

i’ll never stop travelling, i’ll never stop moving, i’ll never sit still and i’m quite okay with that.

I’ve come to the realisation recently, well, that’s probably a lie, I think I’ve always known this about myself but have successfully buried it. And here is my proclamation; I WILL NEVER BE HAPPY IN ONE PLACE. I will always need to change my surroundings at least every 3-4 months. Otherwise I get really bored, shirty and a little bit bitchy. It’s kind of like stationary PMS.

There are definitely some places that feel more like home than others but there isn’t one place that I could stay forever. Papua New Guinea is still the magical childhood dream place it always was, I will always miss Hawaii when I’m not there, I’ll always dream of a European summer with my friends, my heart will always crave to be in Mexico, I’ll always want to move to Asia and there are so many places in between that I have loved revisiting and so many that I’m yet to see.

I’ve been to a myriad of countries,states,towns – places on earth – but there’s still a whole world out there to chance upon; wild and beautiful and free.


“…I imagined myself as I am, a man spread shirtless on a cliff, chest up to the sun like some golden offering, and I imagined time was nothing, and my will (as calm as a breath) became me as I became as static as a stone, some intricate part of the landscape.”

in this limitless hour.

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love me, fill me up. I no longer want to be half full. I search for joy. The world is oversaturated with sadness, This is the way I give some happiness back, in pictures, when the words fail me.

military academy, hawaii.

my little video

Untitled from melanie tjoeng on Vimeo.

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