Our doggy, Poppet died yesterday of heart failure. I am so sad. I’m still in shock. She was so beautiful and smart and kind. She didn’t take no shit from the boy dogs in the street – she told them what was up. She was a free spirit. Every morning she would wake up and go on a little adventure around the neighbourhood. I don’t know what she used to get up to but I imagine she was smelling the roses along the way. She was pretty old, we weren’t sure of how old because she adopted us. Yes, that’s right – she adopted us – and we gladly accepted the role as her new family. The next door neighbours treated her really badly and she used to come and visit us and one day she never left. It was such a great fit. She was the smart to Buzzby’s dodo behaviours. She was the boss. She loved cuddles and kisses and pats. She hated storms, they made her really afraid and she would pant all night until it was over. She gave us unconditional love and we gave it in return. I feel really lucky to have shared in the life and times of Poppet Tjoeng. She was an amazing dog. She was one of those pure living things and an example that every little thing wants to be loved and give love.

I love you, Poppet and I miss you so much it hurts. Until we meet again.

Lynette Cruz

APEC DOES NOT EQUAL ALOHA. Lynette Cruz is one of those magic people who constantly inspires me. She is a beautiful Hawaiian woman who fights for the rights of Native Hawaiians and Hawaii, in general. She changed my life and I’m sure if you met her, she would change yours too.

Hawaii for ever & ever, amen.

be your own hero.

I used to wish that life was easier. More fair.
I secretly wanted to be rescued. Or saved. Or at least have someone help me carry the weight of my journey here on this planet.
Maybe a man. A career. A friend. Fame. Money.
Could do the hard stuff for me. So I tried subletting my life.
I tried to give away the property rights to my own self.
I tried handing over the responsibility. The decisions.
And I found that I couldn’t do it. I can’t be saved. I can’t be rescued.
And I don’t want my life to be easier.
In the hard stuff is where life itself resides. It’s where personality is born.
The moments that I’ve saved myself. Carried myself. The moments when I had my own back. These are the moments that I am proud of.
These are the stories I want to tell. This is where I became a hero.
So I’ve surrendered the idea of life being easier. More fair. I’ve surrendered the idea of being saved. With this white flag, my plan for my one wild and precious life becomes very simple and clear:
To live each day as my own. With my own thoughts. With my own feelings. With the things I love. In the places I love. – meadow devor

photo of batman i took in the slums of bangkok

a hiatus between lives

So, I’m back on the gold coast and for some reason I never shoot as much here. Well, not on personal documentary work anyway. I often find it hard to be inspired by this place. It’s very flat; with a monoculture and strangely superficial. Of course, it’s beaches are its saving grace and when I’m in the water on the gold coast, I am a lot happier. I got up at 5 am to take photos of Brad surfing and to cleanse my body in the ocean. And I must say that today is one of the better days I have had here. Starting with the ocean makes all things better.


between here and there.

Stuck between feeling like an adult but also a child.
Still dreaming of roaming, of being free –
running with no holds barred abandon into the abyss.

Nothing but possibilities.

and yet I wake up to a set of probabilities, some of
which I’m not even sure that I want, yet.
What do you do when they both feel like home..

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