Lori-Jai Harding

Lori is a friend of mine. She is a mother, a writer and a beautiful person. She has a fashion/health/parenting blog www.eighttentenblog.blogspot.com Go check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

This was a fun shoot we did together the other day.

(makeup by Lance Sia)


H O M E T O W N G L O R Y with Alina

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Lina Lina Lina


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Being a woman is emotional. Trying, is another word. Beautiful, is another.

There’s a fine line between feeling delicate and powerful all at once. It’s an unusual feeling subconsciously knowing your whole life that you are the lesser sex. Not because you believe that but because the world is telling you it, every day. But I love baring witness to the way women are changing their fate. The struggle and then the success of swimming instead of drowning. Owning all of yourself.

Women are some of the most powerful teaches and fiercest students. In it for the long haul, we are here to change your world.

Because, I am happy.

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I met with three beautiful Eastern European models and did a shoot with them in their villa in Kuta. These are the results.

Shayna in Bali.

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