The Sea

I got up and went surfing today. I love how the ocean makes everything feel right in the world.
I’ve been training every day and I’ve noticed such a difference in myself and the way I approach life and how the natural balance of all things
is easily attained when you start from within.

I feel grateful.

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“Awake at 4 with the old brain beating…
of the mind
caught between dream and waking;”

~ Erica Jong

To travel.

Traveling for me is one of the most rewarding things a human can do; to experience the world in which we live. I’m really looking forward to my year of travel, adventure and photo taking. “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”
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The Authentic Self.

“I want to be a more authentic version of myself and I think it takes other people to help me achieve that.”

To be gracious in all that you do, to be humble and inspired. To care for your friends and loved ones at all times, to learn from your mistakes. To be open to the positive and beautiful things that are presented to you in life. To always come from a place of love in any situation. To always be learning and traveling and seeing. To be a good listener. To open your heart. To let go of the fear.


It’s often hard allowing yourself to be vulnerable in life. Jumping head first into things that scare you whilst also being graceful about it. Often we freak out or renege or bury our head in the sand. Being vulnerable is tough and it’s confronting and it makes you open the parts of yourself that are most comfortable when they’re hidden. But being vulnerable is actually about courage. Being brave enough to let go of your ego and relinquishing the things that keep you guarded.

Being vulnerable leaves you open to the great things.

Life is definitely only half lived when you try to avoid being vulnerable for most of it. I’m guilty of it; avoiding situations or emotions to safeguard my heart but I’ve learned that being open is one of the most rewarding ways to be. That being vulnerable makes you more open to all of the positive things in life. Sure, it leaves you open for heartbreak or sorrow or embarrassment but all of these things are worth it. It means you’ve lived and that your heart is open and that you haven’t wasted your life denying important moments or people. You haven’t denied yourself. It means that in the end, you will have less regrets. Even if you spent most of your life avoiding being susceptible, life has a way of breaking you down, regardless.

“They fully embraced vulnerability. They believed that what made them vulnerable made them beautiful….They talked about vulnerability being necessary and it meant doing something where there are no guarantees.” They also said “Vulnerability is the birth place of joy, creativity, love and belonging.”


I’ve been thinking about the phenomenon of non verbal communication between human beings. This idea that a connection can be made between two people which cannot be quantified in a tangible sense but exists, very much so, in another realm. One cannot always explain why they are drawn to one person over another and why some people become instant friends while others pass like ships in the night. Of course one can recognize shared interests and an appreciation of a person for varying reasons but we cannot always explain what it is that makes you want to spend more time with a person beyond those basic recognitions. I think there is an incredible amount of mystery and beauty when a bond is made between two people and when that familiar feeling of being at home with a person is born.

True friendship is indeed a miracle made.


It’s a really empowering feeling being able to travel somewhere and discover yourself, not so much in the finding- out- who- you -are- for- the- first -time kind of way but more of an awareness of the person you have become. Looking back on how you got here and how much stronger you are for it. For the first time in a long time, I have that. Usually when I come to Hawaii, I am escaping something and I am so happy to be here I almost burst because I can bury the burdens of my life. But this time, I have found that I have nothing to escape from. That everything feels as it should be. Of course, I am still elated to be in Hawaii; the place that feels like coming home. However, it’s a different sensation this time. A much more grounded feeling. And I welcome it.

I welcome all of it. The good times. The struggles. The travel. Missing someone. The open road. Enjoying time spent with friends. Cultivating my work.

I am happy to be home – my Hawaii. I embrace my life with wild abandon. For nothing can go wrong if you give it your all and if your all comes from the heart.


Everything else seems like a much paler version, a diluted hue in comparison to you.

(photo by mark cronje)


I always have this moment when I stand in front of something great. Like the mountains in Hawaii, or the ocean or you and it makes me feel small and insignificant. Yet it moves me in a very particular way and I feel grateful to know it. Thankful that I know what greatness looks like and that sometimes I can recognise it in myself. That it reminds me that I’m not only human and often flawed but also a part of something much bigger, something much greater. Something beautiful.

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