My good friend, Ara said something to me the other day, “You have to learn to bend with people.” She said it with so much
sincerity and I started thinking about what that really meant. The older I get, the more I learn about the diverse nature of people.
How different everyone is, ways in which people respond and communicate with each other and all the translations in between.

I feel like in our technological age, so much can be lost in translation. Texting, emails, Facebook etc. we are communicating so much more through devices that don’t engage another person in the tangible world that sometimes learning about a person can take much longer because you really don’t need to see each other as much. You can keep in touch via a phone or a computer. This method of communication also leaves a lot to be solved and translated. You don’t have the physical manner in which a statement is conveyed and often its more difficult to decipher the tone of a conversation etc. But with that being said, you learn to adapt and change and in our world, we have a myriad of ways to communicate.

Relating back to Ara’s enlightening statement, I do believe the ability to adapt to your environment or to bend with the people around you is a really great skill. Not to the point where you’re doing everything for everyone else or agreeing with everyone, but in a really malleable way. Being able to understand people and the way they are. You cannot change a person, nor should you ever ask to for your own benefit. Every person has their own agency. They have their own feelings, ideals, translations and convictions. People will do what they want to do. It’s better to bend than to force or wish a person was another way. Everyone is different and diverse and thank goodness for that.

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