Kaua’i with Rocky


Everything is green on this island. Waterfalls plunging through deep, dark ravines of Ancient lava. This island is definitely more wild, uncontrolled than it’s neighbours. I love it here, it blesses me and I give it respect in return.

holding on

There are things I could live inside of, you are one of them.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 5.33.08 AM

y + i

I want to do it all. No holds barred. Out in the world, with no fear of falling. Living life at the edge and in the centre. Always deeply involved. Every Moment. The abrupt way your eye closes, encasing universes. We are Water, glass and wolves.

I bend, so I do not break.

You, me. It was all that was ever needed. In the beginning, at the end.


This is everything. That ever was. That ever will be.

The grand adventure has begun…


Woke up in the snow, to a Canadian dawn.

When you like someone.

It is a fascination, that you can be a million miles away from someone and think about nothing but them. The trajectory of moving away, having no influence on the heart.

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