children of hawaii.

I am a child of Hawaii. Although I wasn’t born here, my heart was reborn here. To me, it is the most beautiful place in the whole world. The people of Hawaii are warm and they accept me, even though I am not originally from here. They say, “Welcome home” like they already knew that is how I feel. Ying said, “The tenacity of life here is amazing. The way life bursts from all places.” And she’s right. Everywhere I look something is blooming or parading in green. I love my life here. I am always busy, always laughing, always drinking from life with both hands. Not one second here is wasted because every second is enjoyed. I find entertainment in even the smallest of chores when I am in Honolulu and to me that speaks volumes of this idea of home. I am home and it feels so good to know that. To all the children of Hawaii, aloha.


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