Osama Bin Laden – A world rejoicing?

I know that I’m supposed to be like nearly everyone else and climb a tree and yell in a state of elation that “OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD.” But, I can’t. It makes me sad to see a world where murder is still rejoiced in. And I know this man has been accused of a lot of very bad and inhumane things but I cannot and will not jump on the bandwagon of bloodlust and cheer for his departure. I am fully aware of the fact that I am probably only conscious of 2% of the goings on in this world. The media feeds us what they want. We only hear what they want us to hear and because of that I am extremely skeptical. Everyday I want to feel better about the world and as each day passes, I only feel worse. I have no doubt that the “free world” will invent someone else for the public and itself to focus all of our/its hatred and fear on. How do we ever expect to heal ourselves and the rest of the world when we celebrate things like murder, revenge and uninformed hatred? We talk about how terrible Osama was and yet we rejoice in the ways we hate him (and extremists) for; uniformed hatred for another culture & revelling in revenge. It’s clear that we never graduated from the days of town executions. We have turned the world into a big game of cat and mouse. No one is the enemy and no one is the friend when absolutely nobody takes any time to understand the other.


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