Because, it is for everyone.


I love hearing people’s stories. I feel so honoured to be given the opportunity to listen to them, to put them away inside of my head and remember them always.

Last night I met the sweetest taxi driver. He was from Uganda and he told me how much he missed his home; the land, the unique beauty of Uganda. He told me of the corruption there and why he hasn’t been able to live there for eighteen years. I heard the sadness in his voice. The undying love for the land in which he was born. I conveyed to him my longing to become a photo journalist. He said to me, “You can change the world with work like that. You can either make it  better or worse depending on the images you choose to share.”

I told him, I wanted to make it better. I wanted to try to make it better.

And then I saw something inside of him shift and he turned to me and said, “I think it’s time. Time for me to go back and save Africa. To get other people like me to go back and do something good. To return to Uganda. To teach the children of Uganda that something better is possible”

And then, I cried. I cried because I saw the determination in him to make the world better. Even against all the odds. When I see the hope and the courage in people like him, it gives me hope. I see too much suffering, too much hatred and it makes me tired. I want to be surprised by a world of forgiveness and a world of hope. And it’s people like the man I met last night who will be one of the people shaping a new and better world.

fighting, fighting to save my land

from bloodshed

like the red, dark dirt that sticks to my feet

I will fight you with ideals

until you break

because you know that no matter what,

my love will always smother your hate.


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