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pancakes and huka

“In the seventies, surfers and dreamers were finding themselves in the Hawaiian Islands. We all lived happily in little cane houses. These human scale, single-walled homes, were mostly being eaten by termites…..through the lens of my camera, I discovered myself. I was intoxicated with Hawaii and immediately set out to photograph the old Hawaiian style. I took photos everyday of a haunting and charming place.” (Sharon Britt)

Pancakes and Hula is a beautiful photography book compiled by a woman named Sharon Britt. Her photos speak of a different time; the post plantation era of Hawaii. Sharon’s images have a special place in my heart because I lived in Hawaii for five years and loved every single moment there and cherish every single memory. Her photos capture the rustic nature of the Hawaiian landscape, the unique cultural collaboration and the essence of Hawaii. Every time I look at her book my heart hurts a little bit; homesick for the home I found there. Her photos are both beautiful and quietly haunting and I think this is one of my favourite photography books to date, not only because of the subject matter but also because of Sharon’s impeccable talent for creating an image.

“I dedicate this book to a more simple time when living in a termite-eaten, single-walled house was just fine, when a luxury home was just a simple shack.” (Sharon Britt)

I want to thank, Sharon for sharing her beautiful work with the world. Mahalo.

go to: http://www.olashanalei.com/PUBLICATIONS.html  if you are interested in purchasing a copy.


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