How do I attempt to fix the world?
How do I save all the animals who get tortured everyday?
How do I save people from loneliness?
How do I live outside of the system – a system that has fooled us into freedom?
How do I end racism?
How do I be kind to myself?
How do I make zoos illegal?
How do I stop the destruction?
How do I set the world free?

I render myself, helpless. I feel like the things I am doing to help really aren’t doing that much at all.

I am a prisoner of my own environment. To fit in, I need to toe the line. Have a credit card, expect a diamond ring upon engagement, like shopping, look pretty, try my hardest to stay ‘youthful’, be normal. Fit in. But all I want to do at dinner parties is talk politics, religion, the intricate detail of social problems…but then I can’t fit in with many of the people I know, even my own family. They’re not interested in the things I have to say. So instead, I sit there and pretend like I give a shit about the ridiculousness of it all.


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