This one is for my friends.

Every time I have found salvation from dark periods in my life, I have my friends to thank.

Those beautiful people with kind words and warm hugs who stick by your side no matter what and I love them so much. They are the reason I smile in the morning and giggle all day long. They are my companions. We explore the earth together, sing karaoke in dive bars, take long road trips in Europe, read each other poetry and pick up the pieces for one another when everything else seems to fall apart. We understand that we are human and capable of successes and failures and that we are both fragile and resilient. We are the petals and thorns, both.

But then I also think about the friends I have lost for one reason or another and I mourn their departure from my life. But sometimes we are only meant to spend a certain amount of time with people and I guess we have to cherish the moments that we were given. Thank you, for the memories.

I think about the people in my life and I smile. I am lucky. I am blessed. I am loved. As I look around me at the people who bring me so much joy, who push me to achieve more, think deeper, feel everything; I think I am one fortunate soul. Friends are people you learn from and teach at the same time. It is a reciprocal relationship of learning and giving.

They are my salvation. My light.

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