my friend, Gahiji Barrow wrote this about Thanksgiving. I thought it was really beautiful, very powerful and rings true, “This day doesn’t remind me what I am thankful for. Gratitude is a daily practice. This day reminds me that my privilege does not come without cost to others. What I am reminded of is that we are all still slaves to injustices of the perpetual past and will continue to be so until we free our minds. So on this day I remember the blood stained soil under my feet and the strength of my varied background ancestors to survive and thrive so that I may continue their resistance. So as we eat and drink and have a merry time, I keep in mind those that worked the land, those animals and plants that were sacrificed just for a day of glutinous consumption while many others go without. I am thankful that I find this holiday as offensive as Columbus Day. But I will enjoy it with my chosen family nonetheless and be as grateful as I am everyday that they are in my life and that I get to continue in this struggle with them.”


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