Love and its musings.

It’s amazing how great life can be when you let go, and love yourself. I know it sounds simple or somewhat egocentric but it’s true. The two most important things are loving yourself and loving what you do. Because when those two things are in check, you are a better person not only in the way that you treat yourself but also in the way you treat others. You are more open, understanding and caring. You welcome the positive into your life; people, nature and experiences. You will inevitably still have your ups and downs but your core is strong. There is nothing as damaging to the soul as hating yourself or not accepting all of yourself, flaws and all. I know that is actually a hard task. That loving yourself doesn’t come easily, especially in a modern world where the physical world is the first thing that matters but it’s important to try, to be aware, everyday.

It’s hard to dig deep, back to the rooted soul of the spirit. I feel like I am on my way there though. I’m wading through the negativity, through my past, to the things that have been holding me back and looking at my present and trying to make it better.

Today, I am thankful for my passion. For the path it has put me on and for the people it has enabled me to meet. It’s funny how doing what you love and loving yourself are so inextricably linked. You can’t really have one without the other. It is your self love and universal love coming together to make things right, as they should be and as they will always be.


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