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To create anything meaningful, one has to travel to another place. Not in the physical sense but in the spiritual, emotional sense. You have to tap into this other realm.

It’s almost like being in a dream state when I do a shoot. It is the same exact metamorphosis that I get when I read or write poetry. Or when I stand in an old, entrancing place or when I hear the most eloquent piece of music. It happens whenever I am moved. It is transcendence. The indigenous people of this land called it, the dreaming. Nothing could be more true.

How entirely releasing it is to be free of constraints and throw yourself fully into your passion into creating something that is entirely necessary for your well being and a complete gift to the rest of the world. This is what the whole idea of creation is; a gift that comes from two places, inside of yourself and from the larger universe; together and whole. Meant for all.


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