Social media cruelty.

Today, I had someone on instagram write a somewhat hurtful message in reply to one of my posts. I don’t know why a negative comment can effect me so much over the hundreds of positive comments I receive in a week but it did upset me, but not because it was mean but because it was based on assumption. This person said that I don’t take fashion photos, I take portrait photos but what this person doesn’t know is that I actually am unable to post editorials and all my look book shoots because they are private until published and even sometimes then I can’t put them on my social media sites. Sometimes I get to put one or two up there but I usually pick the most emotive photos not the photos that are selling the clothes. My instagram is my own, I get to put the work up there that made me feel something when I shot it.

The other thing this person said was in regards to filters. I shoot film as well as digital. The problem is that with film, it’s expensive and sometimes not always practical for big look book shoots. I like shooting with both mediums and both are different. But both are still tools to convey something I want to capture. Digital filters work the same way as polaroids or film. It’s still a process. The photographer of the year was awarded said accolade from shooting a story in the Middle east on his iphone. Yet another tool to tell a story.

If this person ends up reading this, I want you to know that your opinion is not truth. I put a lot of hard hours into my work. I do a lot of shoots for a lot of different companies/labels/people and I always try my hardest. I’ve had many long days and even longer nights trying to perfect my work. And if you think Pablo Neruda is cheesy then I feel really sorry for you.

Work on your own passion instead of trying to stamp out others.

To everyone else who is so beautiful and kind and supportive, I appreciate you so much. Your messages never cease to make me smile. Photography is a continuos journey, one that I am constantly learning from. I’ve never claimed to be an expert, just a wide-eyed child of the world trying to make it count, until the end.


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