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Some of my greatest inspiration comes from my friends. It is their quirks, epiphanies, insights and dreams that they turn into conversations, poems, notes, photos or post-it two liners that have encouraged me to do the same. That have taught me to embrace my own quirks, walk at my own pace and immortalize my own thoughts on paper or capture the beauty of something through my own lens. And sometimes, one can forget how amazingly individual our best friends are. I don’t know how we forget but I guess part of it is we get caught up in the daily grind or are too focused on what we see before us that we forget that some of our best friends are a million miles away and that once upon a time you shared banana smoothies and sunshine kisses every day. For some reason tonight, I remembered how incredibly quirky my friend Amy Stanley is. (it’s not that I have forgotten altogether it’s more that I’ve been so busy traveling and questioning my life right now etc) But tonight, I remembered how much fun we had together in the place where the flowers bloomed all year round. Hawaii was our own little sanctuary. And we would spend our days reading Nabakov and Bukowski and watching Miranda July movies in between long swims on humid days. Our nights were spent best with cocktails and dark beers in dingy bars in Chinatown. This sounds like some sort of love affair. But I guess it was. ha. I miss Amy and the quirky singles we were together. People say that youth is wasted on the young but this is not true for Amy and I. Everyday we spent together in Hawaii was chasing the dream of youth and fulfilling it every day. I stand by my convictions; everyone needs an amy in their life. See you soon, my friend 🙂

© amy stanley

© amy stanley


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