Late night musings.

I’ve been thinking about morality lately. About this life we’ve been given, who we are, who we want to be. What we love and how we express that. The people that come in and out of your life, like a waning tide. The people that stay. The ones that leave. The happiness and the sorrow. I’ve been digesting all of that lately. I’ve been letting it all sink in. It’s quite overwhelming when you think about it all but at the same time, so utterly beautiful.


When all else fails, I know I have the therapy of words and photographs. The things that I don’t know how to express in daily life, get put here. To sit or more so, to be thrown out to the world. Cast far and wide into a technical universe…and what I cannot express in writing, I can express that much better in photographs. They are the gateway to my soul. And in this time of pure bliss and utter chaos, they are the redeemer. They are what keep my head above water.


I’ve never known how to be here. Fully. Living in a rational, realistic world. I’ve always been living in two worlds, one that is a lot more sentient. It’s my blessing and my curse. It allows me to break down barriers with my work and the people I meet but it also inhibits my work flow and the way I govern my business and my life. But I think you have to be able to live with all the parts of your being. The good and the bad. The older I become, the more I have learned to love myself. For everything that I am. For the things I never thought I liked about myself, for the things that people maybe didn’t like about me either. You have to. You have to love yourself or die. Because if you’re not going to love yourself the most, no one will. You have to be the person who loves yourself the most, otherwise it’s a quick downward spiral into a dark pit of sorrow and self pity. I used to apologise for what I had been given because I didn’t fit the stereotype but now, I love that part of me. Because it’s so amazing being a living being, given a vessel to reach a higher state of consciousness.


This is how the world should be. Don’t put any restrictions on me and I won’t put any on you. Let’s just be free. Forever. Let’s never have a title or a talk, just an understanding. Let’s just be who we want to be and that be it. No pretenses but also no competition. Just a mutual understanding of appreciation for one another. What’s better than that? People were born free, let us live free and die the same way. Let us coexist and love one another but also let our souls be at liberty.


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