finding a home.

I’ve found it really hard to find somewhere I am in love with since I left Hawaii. I haven’t felt like myself lately. I’m a little lost, trying to find my way through this big wide world. Sometimes my confusion can be mistaken for flakiness or an inability to commit to something. But it isn’t. I am just trying to find that place that makes my heart beat; a place where I feel alive. A place where I know I am meant to be. A little piece of home.

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and the road has always been a dear place to me. My eternal companion. Every place I have been in the last six months has touched my heart in different ways and all of them I wish to return to but I haven’t found that place that could make me stand still, until now.

I have found my sanctuary in the bustling streets of Hong Kong amongst the teeming crowds and neon lights. It gave me that feeling again – the constant inspiration, the rush, the feeling of being totally alive. Hong Kong has dazzled me. I thought I had to move back to the Gold Coast and settle down, find a job, finish my language classes and get an apartment and that maybe, it would feel like home again. But it hasn’t. I can’t make it. And things haven’t worked out the way that I planned. I like it here but I am not in love with it and although I like returning, I like leaving just as much.

So, as I stare out of my bedroom window in this little Australian coastal town, I see a billion stars making love to a night sky. And I see a new adventure on the horizon. One that has been brewed by the universe through my bloodline. Back to ‘the motherland’. And so in the new year, I will put on my walking shoes again and head out the the open road. Hong Kong, I am ready for a new adventure.



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