It’s a really empowering feeling being able to travel somewhere and discover yourself, not so much in the finding- out- who- you -are- for- the- first -time kind of way but more of an awareness of the person you have become. Looking back on how you got here and how much stronger you are for it. For the first time in a long time, I have that. Usually when I come to Hawaii, I am escaping something and I am so happy to be here I almost burst because I can bury the burdens of my life. But this time, I have found that I have nothing to escape from. That everything feels as it should be. Of course, I am still elated to be in Hawaii; the place that feels like coming home. However, it’s a different sensation this time. A much more grounded feeling. And I welcome it.

I welcome all of it. The good times. The struggles. The travel. Missing someone. The open road. Enjoying time spent with friends. Cultivating my work.

I am happy to be home – my Hawaii. I embrace my life with wild abandon. For nothing can go wrong if you give it your all and if your all comes from the heart.


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