Moving passages.

People often ask me, ‘What makes a good photograph.’

I cannot explicitly describe to you what makes an aesthetically pleasing photograph or the reasons why one photograph will be considered better than another in technical terms. What I will say though, is that a good photograph, to me, is a picture that makes you feel something. Anything. Whether it be a good or bad emotion, it makes you feel something beyond yourself. It takes you somewhere. It gives you a moment, a glimpse into this other life; you are transported.

When I shoot, I shoot from the heart. I tap into an energy source greater than myself. It is a transcendent experience. I don’t just want to make pictures that are pretty, I want to create beautiful work that not only tells a story but also acts as a moving passage for the viewer. An image that whisks them away to a moment, a time, a place that is beyond our current boundaries.



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