A reply, about one Gorilla and one boy.

There was an incident at Cincinnati Zoo, the other day, where, a Gorilla was shot dead because a boy fell into his enclosure. It makes me incredibly upset to see the way humans treat animals. This is my response to a conversation I had with someone about the incident.

The footage that I have watched hasn’t indicated that the Gorilla was at all hostile at all but even so, if it is the case, the bigger and more important issue at hand here is the way humans treat animals. Zoos are terrible places where people come to gawk at depressed animals that live in unnatural environments. The argument about rehabilitation within Zoos doesn’t shape up anymore because they are no longer about that, with poor and inadequate sized cages (the fact that they have to live in cages at all), where people pay money to come and stare and torment the animals, where animals pace back and forth all day because they’re depressed, stuck in human made enclosures for the pleasure and pursuit of humans. This goes beyond one boy and one Gorilla to a larger example of how misguided human beings have become. If people want to teach their children about animals, take them to their natural environment or to huge reservations that are actually about-rehabilitation. I don’t believe human lives are more important than animal lives or trees or stones or water etc. We are all connected, all created, all family. When one dies, so does the other. We are surely on our way to death.


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