Navy hats

My favourite Indian restaurant is nestled between the busy streets of Honolulu. Granted, I’ve never been to India but I do imagine that’s what it tastes like. I woke up on the couch today, hot and tired. I couldn’t really sleep last night. I was falling for a new boy. Southern drawl, wearing a cap and he put tobacco in his lip when he talked to me. I found it fascinating, like the old movies my nana used to watch when I was growing up; completely foreign and beautiful to me. What is it about someone that draws you to them? And how many times do you get called…how many times do you fall in love quietly with a person? Maybe it only lasts a second, or a week or maybe until you’re dead and gone.

I’ve always had this capacity, to love a lot. My love cannot live in a box, it goes crazy and it rots. But in open spaces, it flourishes and lives and welcomes all into the fold. I feel that this has always been my gift and my burden.


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