After Hawaii, I wasn’t sure how I would fare out in the big wide world. But looking back on the last 9 months, I would have to say I am doing pretty well. Sure, I still really miss Hawaii every single waking moment but I am also finding happiness in other places.

I have found that once I changed my attitude and opened myself up to the world, the most wonderful and glorious things have been happening in my life. I have seen the world, I have made beautiful new friends, I found photography or maybe photography found me and every day is filled with light.

I am living on the Gold Coast right now and to be completely honest, I am really loving it. It’s really wonderful spending time with old friends, making new friends, being so close to my family and my home. Photography has opened my eyes in many ways to the things that are present and beautiful here. Moreover, I am spending time with some really inspiring, amazing people which makes me feel extremely blessed.

And now, I am remembering the reasons why I love Australia.


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