the stars

I love how some things are constant,
like the way grandpa always has the fire going when winter arrives
and he sits in front of it with his knitted woolen jumper
talking about the days that seem so foreign and wonderfully archaic to me.

But the sad thing is, I know not all things are constant and change is inevitable and it scares the living daylights out of me. But then I stop thinking about it and really enjoy the little things like my fathers cooking and my grandpa’s stories and I embrace it all. Whole heartedly.

And I know I already miss some of the things that used to be constant but are not anymore; like my nana’s kisses or my aunties excitement of seeing all of us. But it’s okay because I know that the memories are always there; unchangeable.

And then I realise that the things that seem constant, like the stars in the sky or the sun in it’s glory, will too, one day end. But some things can culminate gloriously; like a shooting star across the sky.


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