Steam is one of the biggest social problems facing P.N.G. Steam is 100 proof, home brewed alcohol and has caused a number of deaths and disabilities amongst users. Moreover, the crime rate has increased due to the high usage of Steam.

Rape, murder and abuse rank high amongst the crimes committed by people who drink steam. Just last week, a number of boys gang raped a sister of a boy who had stolen one of their radio’s and then decapitated his mother and then cut of the sisters arms.

This is just one example of what steam can do. The pictures I have taken are an example of the way Steam is brewed and ‘enjoyed’. These photos were taken in a remote part of outlying Port Moresby where people will not be found by the law. These are the first photos to the beginning of my project on Steam.

Brewing the alcohol is in itself a very dangerous endevour. Considering that gas burners regularly blow up and have killed and maimed many people who have been trying to brew steam. Brewing Steam is a more economically viable option for many Papua New Guineans because it is a cheap way to get drunk as well as profitable business venture.

Steam is a problem that will probably not be solved any time soon. Poverty, boredom, health and lack of education are a large part of the problem.


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