Shifting the blame of beauty.

I used to blame men for fake boobs, make-up, botox, high heels, face-lifts and anorexia.

But I am starting to think it’s our fault. It’s women not feeling secure enough in their own skin. Not realising that thick thighs and gravity taking it’s course can be far more sexy than a plastic doll and far more enlightening. In a world built with concrete, coated in plastic and served on a silicon plater, natural is a nice relief – a breath of fresh air so-to-speak, from this sometimes, somewhat suffocating fake microcosm.

And if men have bought into this plastic ideal too, well we were stupid enough to let them. But I believe in the non-believers, men who still love women as they are, hips and all. And I also believe in the women who are brave enough to embrace it and wise enough to love it.

We are as organic as the waking of the sun and as natural as fruit on a tree. And like fruit, we will someday get old and rot. Such is the nature of things.

There is beauty in the cycle, not just in youth. There is beauty in all things. There is beauty in you.


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