a hiatus between lives

So, I’m back on the gold coast and for some reason I never shoot as much here. Well, not on personal documentary work anyway. I often find it hard to be inspired by this place. It’s very flat; with a monoculture and strangely superficial. Of course, it’s beaches are its saving grace and when I’m in the water on the gold coast, I am a lot happier. I got up at 5 am to take photos of Brad surfing and to cleanse my body in the ocean. And I must say that today is one of the better days I have had here. Starting with the ocean makes all things better.

Eating Sunday.

Mmm, I love a sunday spent with friends driving to the north shore to eat and be merry. The weather was poops so we concentrated on making our bellies happy. We literally ate all day. It was awesome! I love spending time with Lucky and Mandy, two of my favourite people in Hawaii and the world. Bradley and I had a great day and so did, Vito – one of my favourite furry friends. Fun was had by all. Thank you, Hawaii, for all the wonderful moments and memories.

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