Our doggy, Poppet died yesterday of heart failure. I am so sad. I’m still in shock. She was so beautiful and smart and kind. She didn’t take no shit from the boy dogs in the street – she told them what was up. She was a free spirit. Every morning she would wake up and go on a little adventure around the neighbourhood. I don’t know what she used to get up to but I imagine she was smelling the roses along the way. She was pretty old, we weren’t sure of how old because she adopted us. Yes, that’s right – she adopted us – and we gladly accepted the role as her new family. The next door neighbours treated her really badly and she used to come and visit us and one day she never left. It was such a great fit. She was the smart to Buzzby’s dodo behaviours. She was the boss. She loved cuddles and kisses and pats. She hated storms, they made her really afraid and she would pant all night until it was over. She gave us unconditional love and we gave it in return. I feel really lucky to have shared in the life and times of Poppet Tjoeng. She was an amazing dog. She was one of those pure living things and an example that every little thing wants to be loved and give love.

I love you, Poppet and I miss you so much it hurts. Until we meet again.

Eating Sunday.

Mmm, I love a sunday spent with friends driving to the north shore to eat and be merry. The weather was poops so we concentrated on making our bellies happy. We literally ate all day. It was awesome! I love spending time with Lucky and Mandy, two of my favourite people in Hawaii and the world. Bradley and I had a great day and so did, Vito – one of my favourite furry friends. Fun was had by all. Thank you, Hawaii, for all the wonderful moments and memories.

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