Traveling East

Shoot with Boonyah and Risa

Kaua’i with Rocky Barnes


J * E * S * S * I * C * A – C * L * A * R * K

Here is a sneak peak at the shoot I did today with Jess Clark. She is an amazing woman.

∞ p i n k p a l m s ∞

Emma O’Sullivan modelled for me today. We winged the locations and it turned out really well.

flight of birds.

Photo shoot with Fran.

* C H A S I N G – S U N D A Y S *

Today I did a shoot with three Vivien’s models – Yoanna, Chantal and Anneliese. It was a really great day.

Tasha Lee.

I had another photo shoot tonight with another gorgeous girl, Tash. We shot in her house and it turns out there are so many hidden gems in unknown places.


I did a photo shoot with two up and coming models, EMILY and CASSIE. My friend and fellow photog, Ali Mitton invited me along. I loved shooting these girls. It was a really pretty, whimsical shoot. These are some of the photos that I took…

Tara Lynn, I salute you.

Tonight, I happened to log onto facebook and see a photo of a smoking hot woman named Tara Lynn and when I say woman, I mean woman! So curvy and so so beautiful. For the first time in a long time, I felt amazing about myself. I sat in front of the mirror with no clothes on and appreciated my stomach rolls. I don’t think I have ever appreciated them before. I have long agonised over the fact that I am curvy and that it takes me so much longer to lose weight than some other people and yet so much faster to put it on.

I have yo-yo’d with my weight my whole life. I have had bulimia and I have done so many fad diets in order to attain a body that the world would deem worthy. I was a big advocate for the cabbage soup diet – pity I smelled like a giant cabbage – and that when I went off the diet would stack the weight right back on. I grew up in a very ‘white’ town where beauty was all about being skinny and caucasian. I didn’t fit in to this mould at all.

I have hated my body for 29 years. No matter how skinny I got, it wasn’t enough. I would binge eat in my closet so my parents couldn’t see me eating. Every time someone would say something about my weight I would never forget it. I always thought if I lost more weight I would get a boyfriend or I would be happier. Like losing weight was the key to meeting a man?!!

It wasn’t until I realised that being beautiful is all about being healthy – mentally and emotionally and then everything else falls into place. I have also realised that everyone is different. That no two bodies are exactly the same and that people are beautiful in all shapes, sizes and colours.

When I saw Tara Lynn tonight, I realised that I have been looking at everything all wrong and that sometimes it takes someone courageous and self satisfied to break the mould. Tonight, I really love myself. All of myself. I hope I can be brave enough to keep on loving myself. Thank you, Tara.

photo via curvalicious inspiration.

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