I beg of you to think. To feel. To understand the wrongs and the rights. To question everything, to look beyond what is in front of you. To understand the agendas, the misinterpretations of societal norms, the inequality, the hate.

When I talk about politics or social justice issues, I talk about fire. I talk about things that are hot – that are not right in this world and I know this makes some people angry because it shatters their world view. It makes them question all the things they were told to believe in. It makes them look at themselves.

one of those days.

Gah, I had one of those days where shooting with film goes bad. I had just walked around china town with my friend and fellow photographer, Ashley and I had decided to shoot with my new hasselblad. I had shoot with it before and the photos generally came out quite well except for today. I had taken some beautiful portraits of the homeless people in chinatown and I just knew that these would be gorgeous photos. After we had finished shooting, I headed straight to Rainbow photo where I get some of my 120 film developed and when I got there I decided to call Brad and take my film out at the same time. MISTAKE. I had forgotten to rewind the film and when I opened it, I totally exposed it. AAAAHHHHHH. I felt sick. Goodbye photos. I took the roll into the lab anyway in some hope, one photo might have survived. I’ll find out tomorrow if that is the case. But my bad luck with film didn’t end there. I went to Hawaii Pacific Photo to pick up my other film and when I got there, I discovered that I had shot in the wrong exposure for indoors and all of my military photos, did not come out very well. So SAD. I had gone all the way out to Kapolei to shoot again and there were all my little film babies, ruined.

I know that none of this is a total disaster but when you put effort and soul into you work and you see how many beautiful shots just faded into the past, well, it kind of breaks your heart.

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